Blue Ridge Rock Festival returns to Virginia

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After an unbelievable amount of requests from you the Fans, we truly had no choice…

Blue Ridge Rock Festival WILL Return in 2018 on September 1st – 3rd!

For those of you that have followed our Events throughout the year through our company, Lynchburg Concerts, you know that following last year’s Festival we made some significant changes internally. We have seen tremendous growth since that juncture, propelling us to further expand the quality and quantity of our Concerts annually.

While the vast majority of reviews for Blue Ridge Rock Festival’s Debut Year were positive, we know that we need to be better – and it is our promise to do just that. We are very excited about a multitude of improvements and new features that we will now have the opportunity to unveil this year. A first year Festival always has its challenges. Bringing a Festival of that size to small town Virginia…as a local independent promoter…with a last minute venue change; certainly heightened the task. We have brainstormed and implemented many awesome new improvements and features that we are very excited to reveal. As things have been so busy with Lynchburg Concerts this year, we did not believe we would have the bandwidth to be able to bring the Festival back in 2018.

However, whether you believe it or not, it was YOU the Fans that forced our hand. Nearly every day we receive messages, emails, texts, comments, posts from fans all over the Country not wanting the Festival to take a break. It was a humbling an incredible thing to witness. That is the passion that music can trigger. It is that very passion in you the fans that are what started this Festival in the first place, and will be the pulse of this Event, always.

The Lineup, Location, Ticket Information, New Festival Upgrades & Features will all be released VERY Soon! Please Stay Tuned & Spread the Word. It’s going to be a phenomenal year. As always, United We Rock. \m/

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