Dream Theater “Distance Over Time” tour hits the Tower Theater 4/13/2019

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In all my years I have never seen multiple lines wrapped around a venue waiting for doors to open to a seated event. Well, on April 13th, when I showed up two hours before doors open that’s exactly what I saw. I guess fans couldn’t wait to see this special performance by Dream Theater.

Dream Theater fans packed the beautiful Tower Theater for a one of a kind show. The band played a set of hits kicking it off with Untethered Angel and ending with Pale Blue Dot.

After a brief break the guys returned to perform Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From A Memory in its entirety.

If all this wasn’t enough, Petrucci & company returned for an encore to close the show with Pull Me Under.


The whole band played one stellar performance and frontman James LaBrie’s vocals were phenomenal.


From start to finish Dream Theater gave the fans one hell of a show. Don’t hesitate to go to this show when it comes near you.

For tour dates and other Dream Theater info go to http://dreamtheater.net/

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