Everclear & Fastball Rock Lancaster

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Portland, Oregon rock band Everclear took over the beautiful American Music Theater with special guest Fastball.

Right on time, Fastball takes the stage immediately start with Fire Escape. The band played an entertaining set while interacting with the crowd. They made sure to play all the favorites including The Way & Out Of My Head.



  1. Fire Escape
  2. ‘Til I Get It Right
  3. Warm Fuzzy Feeling
  4. You’re An Ocean
  5. Untitled
  6. Love Comes In Waves
  7. Little White Lies
  8. I Will Never Let You Down
  9. The Girl You Pretended To Be
  10. I Get High
  11. Our Of My Head
  12. The Way
  13. Sooner Or Later

And now it was time for Everclear to hit the stage. Art Alexakis and company come out and kicked the show off with So Much For The Afterglow. The guys were sure to play all of their hits and even threw in a few cover songs. Of course they had to finish the night off with my personal favorite Santa Monica.



  1. So Much For The Afterglow
  2. Everything To Everyone
  3. Heroin Girl
  4. Electra Made Me Blind
  5. Molly’s Lips (The Vaselines cover)
  6. Father Of Mine
  7. Fire Maple Song
  8. Normal Like You
  9. Amphetamine
  10. Learning How To Smile
  11. Wonderful
  12. Song From An American Movie, Part 1
  13. Brown Eyed Girl (Van Morrison cover)
  14. AM Radio
  15. I Will Buy You A New Life


  1. Local God
  2. Santa Monica

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