Clutch & Killswitch Engage Rock Bethlehem

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Clutch from Germantown, MD & Killswitch Engage from Westfield, MA embarked on a co-headlining tour starting in Syracuse, NY. Being a co-headlining tour means both bands play a full set and alternate which bands closes. The bands brought along Cro-Mags along for direct support.

I have always seemed to miss Killswitch Engage whenever they came to town so this was a first for me. Was pumped to see the guys with Jesse Leach back on vocals.


Killswitch takes the stage and go directly into Strength Of The Mind. Throughout their show they brought so much passion and energy they carried over into the crowd. The faces in the crowd showed the pure love and joy the fans had for the band. Leach and company ended the night with an amazing cover of Dio’s Holy Diver.



  1. Strength Of The Mind
  2. This Fire
  3. The Arms Of Sorrow
  4. My Curse
  5. I Am Broken Too
  6. Alone I Stand
  7. Beyond The Flames
  8. Unleashed
  9. Hate By Design
  10. Always
  11. My Last Serenade
  12. This Is Absolution
  13. Rose Of Sharyn
  14. The End Of Heartache
  15. In Due Time
  16. Holy Diver (Dio cover)

Being a fan of Clutch since forever i was beyond excited to cover this show. Had a chance last October on their tour with Sevendust, but ended up getting really sick. There was nothing that was gonna stop me from making this show this time.


Finally Clutch takes the stage fronted by the amazing Neil Fallon. Kicking things off with Spirit Of ‘76 to get the crowd and myself pumped up. Clutch put on a stellar performance ending the night with Rats.



  1. Spirit Of ‘76
  2. Book Of Bad Decisions
  3. Ghoul Wrangler
  4. How To Shake Hands
  5. A Quick Death In Texas
  6. Red Horse Rainbow
  7. Evil (Cactus cover)
  8. Willie Nelson
  9. Gimme The Keys
  10. The Regulator
  11. Smoke Banshee
  12. In Walks Barbarella
  13. Electric Worry
  14. Rats

Be sure to go to tour dates.



Killswitch Engage


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