Knotfest Roadshow Takes Over Camden 8/31/2019

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Iowa’s own Slipknot bring Knotfest Roadshow supporting their latest album We Are Not Your Kind. Slipknot brought along Volbeat, Gojira & Behemoth along for direct support. This is undoubtedly the metal tour of the year.

Known for their theatrical performances, Behemoth takes the stage and got the packed crowd really going. With amazing frontman Nergal, the band kicks things off with Wolves ov Siberia which happens to be my favorite song of theirs. With only a 7 song set, the Polish metal band really had the crowd begging for more.



  1. Wolves Ov Siberia
  2. Daimonos
  3. Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer
  4. Bartzabel
  5. Conquer All
  6. Sabbath Mater
  7. Chant For Eschaton 2000

Hailing from France, heavy metal hitters Gojira kick things in high gear breaking into Toxic Garbage Island. The high intensity of this band had me really excited being the first time I have been able to catch their show. From the look of the crowd I wasn’t the only one enjoying the hell out of their performance.



  1. Toxic Garbage Island
  2. Backbone
  3. Stranded
  4. Flying Whales
  5. Love
  6. The Cell
  7. Silvera
  8. The Gift Of Guilt

Danish rockers Volbeat heat things up right away with The Devil’s Bleeding Crown. Volbeat brings a whole new sound to the metal world. Their songs are like nothing I have ever heard before. Volbeat was by far my favorite of all support acts of the night.



  1. The Devil’s Bleeding Crown
  2. Lola Montez
  3. Sad Man’s Tongue
  4. Black Rose
  5. The Everlasting
  6. Slaytan
  7. Dead But Rising
  8. A Warrior’s Call/I Only Want To Be With You
  9. Last Day Under The Sun
  10. Pelvis On Fire
  11. Seal The Deal
  12. Still Counting

And the moment is finally here for the Iowa metal rockers in Slipknot. Kicking things off with People = Shit got Camden in a total frenzy. How in the hell have I never seen these guys before? Slipknot played an impressive set ending the night with Surfacing. From the very moment Corey Taylor stepped on stage to the very end of the night, Slipknot was nonstop action.



  1. People = Shit
  2. (SIC)
  3. Get This
  4. Unsainted
  5. Before I Forget
  6. Soleway Firth
  7. The Heretic Anthem
  8. Psychosocial
  9. The Devil In I
  10. Prosthetics
  11. Vermillion
  12. Wait And Bleed
  13. Sulfur
  14. All Out Life
  15. Duality


  1. Spit It Out
  2. Surfacing

Be sure to go to tour dates and info.

Slipknot Photo Gallery


Volbeat Photo Gallery


Gojira Photo Gallery


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