Blue Ridge Rock Festival 2019

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Every year there are so many festivals that take place throughout the year all over the world. RockView Live has been a part of so many, but the one that stands out two years in a row is The Blue Ridge Rock Festival in Virginia.

2018, the festival’s second year in existence was the first time we were able to be a part of. From the beginning of the festival until the end it was hands down the best festival experience RockView Live has ever been a part of.

From the promoters, staff, security, vendors and fans we quickly fell I love with the whole Blue Ridge Rock Festival vibe. We are proud to be a part of Blue Ridge Rock Festival and look forward to many more years covering this festival.

Whether you’re into rock, metal or rap you’ll have an amazing time at this festival. Where else are you going to see Godsmack, Stone Temple Pilots, DMX, Yelawolf, Jelly Roll, Of Mice & Men and tons more artists at the same place? I’ll tell you Blue Ridge is the best multi genre music festival there is.

Day 1 Gallery