Shinedown Ignites Hard Rock Atlantic City 9/21/2019

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Shinedown continue their Attention Attention Tour making a stop at the Hard Rock Arena in Atlantic City, NJ. Shinedown brought along Papa Roach and Asking Alexandria as direct support.


On a gorgeous night in Atlantic City thousands of fans pack the beautiful Hard Rock Arena in anticipation to see their favorite band.


After openers Asking Alexandria and Papa Roach finished their sets it was finally time for the boys from Jacksonville, Florida to hit the stage. As the lights go out the crowd erupted in to screams as the band started playing  from behind a huge white curtain. Within seconds the curtain drops and the flames arise from the stage. Shinedown got the show off with their single Devil off their Attention Attention album.


For nearly an hour and a half the band performed flawlessly as always and entertained the crowd. Apparently Hard Rock Arena was not prepared for the amount of pyro the band uses. The show was stopped as the fire alarms were set off. All the lights in the arena were turned on. After a brief statement from Zach Myers & Brent Smith they decided to keep going with their show with all the lights on. Shinedown ended the amazing night off with Brilliant.


As many times at RockView Live has covered a Shinedown show we are never prepared for the incredible show that’s about to take place. These guys put on one of the most amazing shows time after time.



  1. Devil
  2. Diamond Eyes
  3. Enemies
  4. Monsters
  5. I’ll Follow You
  6. Attention Attention
  7. Unity
  8. 45
  9. Bully
  10. Amaryllis
  11. How Did You Love
  12. Second Chance
  13. Simple Man (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover)
  14. Cut The Cord
  15. Get Up
  16. Sound Of Madness
  17. Brilliant

Be sure to go to info and tour dates.

Shinedown Photo Gallery


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