Incubus brings 20 Years Of Make Yourself For A Second Night In Philly 10/7/2018

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California rockers Incubus hit the road to celebrate 20 years of their debut album Make Yourself. On a beautiful early October night, Incubus returns to the beautiful Met in Philly for their second night. After selling out their first show the guys booked a second show two days later and RockView Live was sure to be a part of it.


As the lights go out in the packed Met in Philly fans roared as a large screen appears with a Make Yourself documentary. As the screen turns off the fans got louder and the band takes the stage going directly into playing Privilege.

For nearly 2 hours Incubus played their debut album Make Yourself in its entirety as well as all their hits. This was the first time seeing Incubus since 2001 and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire show.



Make Yourself

  1. Privilege
  2. Nowhere Fast
  3. Consequence
  4. The Warmth
  5. When It Comes
  6. Stellar
  7. Make Yourself
  8. Drive
  9. Clean
  10. Battlestar Scralatchtica
  11. I Miss You
  12. Pardon Me
  13. Out From Under

And Beyond

  1. Into The Summer
  2. Sick Sad Little World
  3. Vitamin
  4. State Of The Art
  5. Megalomaniac


  1. Dig
  2. Wish You Were Here

Be sure to go to for tour dates and info.



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