Korn Takes Over Allentown 1/23/2020

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Nu Metal rockers Korn, from Bakersfield, California hit the road on a North American tour along with Pennsylvania native metal band Breaking Benjamin. Bones UK were also brought along for direct support on this tour.


Korn  kicked off their tour in Allentown, PA and RockView Live was sure to be there.


With the lights dim and the crowd on their feet in anticipation of Korn to take the stage the band comes out behind a huge curtain. Within moments the curtain drops and things get kicked off with Here To Stay. Korn rocked the Allentown crowd with a perfect 15 song setlist ending the night with Falling Away From Me



  1. Here To Stay
  2. Blind
  3. Divine
  4. Rotting In Vain
  5. You’ll Never Find Me
  6. Shoots And Ladders
  7. Got The Life
  8. Can You Hear Me
  9. Make Me Bad
  10. Cold
  11. Freak On A Leash


  1. 4 U
  2. Twist
  3. Coming Undone
  4. Falling Away From Me

Be sure to go to Korn | Official Website for tour dates and information.

Korn Photo Gallery


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