Rise Against Rock Philly 8/1/2021

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American punk rock band Rise Against took to the road on the Nowhere Generation Tour making a stop in Philly to the Skyline Stage at the Mann Center. The band is touring to support their latest album Nowhere Generation released on June 4, 2021.

Rise Against brought along Descendents for direct support and had Spanish Love Songs on their stop in Philadelphia. After a fun set from Spanish Love Songs and a energetic one from Descendents it was time for Rise Against to take the stage.

From the second the band took the stage it was very clear from every member that there was no other place they would rather be. You could see how happy they were to finally be back performing for all their fans.


1. The Numbers

2. Re-Education (Through Labor)

3. Satellite

4. The Violence

5. Broken Dreams Inc.

6. Ready To Fall

7. Nowhere Generation

8. I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore

9. Help Is On The Way

10. Under The Knife

11. Talking To Ourselves

12. Give It All

Acoustic (Tim Solo):

13. Forfeit

14. Swing Life Away

15. Make It Stop (The September’s Children)

16. The Good Left Undone

17. Prayer Of The Refugee


18. Survive

19. Worth Dying For

20. Savior

Be sure to go to Rise Against | Official Website for tour dates and info.

Rise Against Photo Gallery

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