Jason Mraz Hits The City Of Brotherly Love 8/20/2021

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2 time Grammy award winner, Jason Mraz embarked on the Look For The Good summer tour. Mraz made a stop at the Skyline Stage at The Mann in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and RockView Live was there to be a part of it.

Mraz brought along Philip Labes along as direct support on this tour. Prior to the show Mraz came out and greets the fans and introduces Labes. Labes put on a fun set to get the crowd ready for Mraz to take the stage.

Luckily the rain held off as Jason Mraz takes the stage jumping right into Good Old Daze. For an hour and a half Mraz sang his heart out while entertaining the whole crowd.

It was evident that everyone in attendance including the artists were so happy that live music was back!

Be sure to go to Jason Mraz — Official Website | Jason Mraz for all tour dates and information.

Jason Mraz Photo Gallery

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