Judas Priest Crushes Reading 9/8/2021

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Judas Priest kicked off their ‘50 Heavy Metal Years’ tour at the Santander Arena in Reading, PA. On September 8 and RockView Live was there for it.

After almost 2 years of not touring the one and only Judas Priest took over Reading, Pennsylvania at the Santander Arena. Swedish heavy metal band Sabaton was brought along as direct support on the ‘50 Heavy Metal Years tour.

As the arena lights go dim the stage light up and Sabaton takes to the stage. The Swedish rockers come out and kick things off with Ghost Division. This being the first time seeing them I must say they put on a hell of a show.

Sabaton Setlist:

1. Ghost Division

2. The Attack Of The Dead Men

3. The Last Stand

4. Red Baron

5. Bismarck

6. Friends Of Verdun

7. Carolus Rex

8. Steel Commanders

9. Defense Of Moscow

10. Primo Victoria

11. Swedish Pagans

12. To Hell And Back

And now it was time for the one and only Judas Priest and the crowd including myself couldn’t be more excited. After 15 months of no shows due to Covid and only a handful of shows since May I couldn’t be happier to be covering Judas Priest as they celebrate 50 years of making heavy metal music.

With the lights low and the crowd on their feet the metal god Rob Halford comes out with the rest of the band and go right into One Shot Of Glory. For an hour and a half Judas Priest put on one of the best shows I have ever seen. Age hasn’t slowed down Halford and his vocals were outstanding.

If you only make it to one show in 2021 make sure it’s this one!

Judas Priest Setlist:

1. One Shot Of Glory

2. Lighting Strike

3. You Got Another Thing Comin’

4. Exciter

5. Turbo Lover

6. Hell Patrol

7. The Sentinel

8. Touch Of Evil

9. Rocka Rolla

10. Victim Of Changes

11. Desert Plains

12. Blood Red Skies

13. Invader

14. Painkiller

15. Electric Eye

16. Hell Bent For Leather

17. Breaking The Law

18. Living After Midnight

Be sure to go to JudasPriest.com :: The Official Judas Priest Website for tour dates and information.

Judas Priest Photo Gallery

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