The Struts Take Over Philly 9/10/2021

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British rock band The Struts stopped in Philadelphia on Friday, September 10 with their Strange Days Are Over Tour. After almost 2 years since The Struts have performed in Philly they finally made a stop at the the Skyline Stage at The Mann Center.

Luke Spiller and the rest of the band take the stage and go directly into playing Primadonna Like Me. Spiller is one of the greatest frontman out there right now and engages with the fans so very well.

For an hour and a half The Struts played a superb set featuring a (in my eyes) perfect setlist. I highly recommend going to see them when given a chance.


1. Primadonna Like Me

2. Body Talks

3. Kiss This

4. I Hate How Much I Want You

5. Fire (Part 1)

6. One Night Only

7. Dirty Sexy Money

8. Low Key In Love

9. Mary Go Round (Acoustic)

10. Put Your Money On Me

11. Put Your Hands Up/These times Are Changing/Bulletproof Baby/All Dressed Up (With Nowhere To Go)/Only Just A Call Away/Where Did She Go

12. Am I Talking To The Champagne (Or Talking To You)

13. Guitar Solo

14. Wild Child

15. I Do It So Well


16. Strange Days

17. Could Have Been Me

Be sure to go to the struts – Google Search for tour dates and information.

The Struts Photo Gallery

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