Knotfest Roadshow rocks Reading 4/2/2022

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Knotfest is a music festival created in 2012 by American heavy metal band Slipknot. The event has been held both as a touring festival and a destination festival in several countries including the United States, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Colombia and France. Aside from Slipknot, Knotfest has featured a diverse alumni of past performers including Deftones, Marilyn Manson, Lamb of God, Bring Me the Horizon, Prong, Deadly Apples, Amen, Butcher Babies and Prayers.

We are very excited to be back covering Knotfest Roadshow. We haven’t done so since 2019 due to Covid. Slipknot brought along In This Moment and Wage War along for direct support on the tour. Jinjer was originally supporting f the tour, but sadly had to drop off due to the tragedy going on in their homeland Ukraine. Wage War were then announced to replace Jinjer.

The tour kicked off on April 16th in Fargo, North Dakota and wraps up on June 18th in Chula Vista, California. On April 2, 2022 the Knotfest Roadshow made a stop at the beautiful Santander Arena in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Slipknot performed a flawless set in front of a sold out crowd in Reading. Kicking the night off with Disasterpiece really got the crowd going. From the time they took the stage to the the time the finished there was so much energy coming from both the band and throughout the arena. The Knotfest Roadshow is looking to be my favorite metal show of the year.


1. Disasterpiece

2. Wait And Bleed

3. Sulfur

4. Before I Forfet

5. The Chapeltown Rag

6. Dead Memories

7. Unsainted

8. The Heretic Antham

9. Psychosocial

10. The Devil And I

11. Solway Firth

12. All Out Life

13. Snuff

14. Vermillion

15. Duality

16. Custer

17. Spit It Out


18. People = Shit

19. (sic)

20. Surfacing

Be sure to go to Slipknot for all tour dates and information.

Slipknot Photo Gallery

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