RockView Rig Rundown with Fozzy

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In this issue of RockView Rig Rundown we catch up with Atlanta rock band Fozzy. We spent the day backstage with Fozzy’s guitar duo Rich Ward & Billy Grey to get up close and personal with their rig.

Rich Ward’s Rig Rundown


(2) Gibson Les Paul Standard


(2) Kemper Profiler Head


Kemper Profiler Remote

Digitech Whammy DT

Mooer Pitch Box

Dunlop Wah

Billy Grey’s Rig Rundown


(2) Kiesel CS6 w/ Pariah Grey Matter II pickups


Kemper Profiler Head

Kemper Profiler Rackmount


Kemper Profiler Remote

All Pedal Slamurai Overdrive

Digitech Polyphonic Drop Tune

We would like to thank Fozzy for being a part of the RockView Rig Rundown

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