Nine Inch Nails Take Over Philly Night One 5/24/2022

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Cleveland industrial band Nine Inch Nails came to perform 2 nights at the beautiful Metropolitan Opera House in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. RockView Live came out for night one of the two night stop. Nine Inch Nails brought along 100 Gecs with them as direct support.

Nine Inch Nails consists of founding member Trent Reznor on vocals and guitar and Attticus Ross on keyboards. While touring the band welcome Robin Finck on guitar and synthesizer, Alessandro Cortini on bass and Ilan Rubin on drums.

Wow, just wow!! Trent Reznor has to be one of the greatest frontman out there. Reznor has a magical way of captivating every person in the venue from the moment he takes the stage. Nine Inch Nails is easily one of the best live bands you’ll ever see.


1. Home

2. The Beginning Of the End

3. March Of The Pigs

4. Piggy

5. The Lovers

6. Copy Of A

7. Even Deeper

8. Survivalism

9. Shit Mirror

10. Ahead Of Ourselves

11. God Break Down The Door

12. This Isn’t The Place

13. Every day Is Exactly The Same

14. The Big Come Down

15. Gave Up

16. The Hand That Feeds

17. Head Like A Hole


18. Help Me I Am In Hell

19. Happiness In Slavery

20. And All That Could Have Been

21. Hurt

Be sure to go to nine inch nails | the official website for all tour dates and information.

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