RockView Rig Rundown with Bad Omens

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In this issue of RockView Rig Rundown we catch up with Virginia metal band Bad Omens. We spent the day backstage with Bad Omen’s guitarist Joakim “Jolly” Karlsson to get up close and personal with his rig.

Joakim “Jolly” Karlsson’s Rig Rundown


LTD EC 1000 ET / EMG 81/60 pickups / Dark Brown Sunburst

LTD EC 1007 ET / EMG 81/60-7H pickups / 7string / Black

LTD M-7HT Baritone Arctic Metal / 7string / Matte White

Line 6 Shuriken Variax SR270 / Satin Black

Line 6 Shuriken Variax / Deep Purple (not pictured)

Gibson Les Paul studio / Black
(Backup/not pictured)

Kemper profiler rack
(Mesa triple rectifier with Mesa cab profile)


Kemper Profiler Power Rack (Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier w/ Mesa Boogie cab)

We would like to thank Bad Omens for being a part of the RockView Rig Rundown

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