Sevendust brings Animosity to Reading 9/18/2022

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Atlanta rock band Sevendust hit the road for the third leg of their Animosity tour. The band are celebrating the 21st Anniversary of their third studio album Animosity. The tour was supposed to happen last year, but postponed due to the Covid pandemic.

On September 18, 2022 made a stop at Reverb in Reading, Pennsylvania. Sevendust brought along Nonpoint, Bastardine and Burden Of The Sky.

To be able to experience this show in person was beyond monumental for me. I have seen Sevendust more than any other band and will never get tired of seeing them live. If you add that they are playing their album Animosity in its entirety, this is a no brainer.

Animosity is my all time favorite album by any artist so this one was real special to me. By looking at the crowd Sunday night, I was clearly not the only one that felt this way. Sevendust killed it once again and already ready for the next show.

I have beem saying the last 20 years that Sevendust is one of the best live bands out there. If you haven’t experienced Sevendust live then you are truly missing out.


1. T.O.A.B.

2. Praise

3. Trust

4. Xmas Day

5. Dead Set

6. Follow

7. Shine

8. Damaged

9. Live Again

10. Beautiful

11. Redefine

12. Angel’s Son

13. Crucified


14. Pieces

15. Face To Face

Sevendust Photo Gallery

Be sure to go to Sevendust | The Official Website for all tour dates and information.

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