Guitar legend Joe Satriani appears at Wentworth Gallery 3/12/2023

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Rock guitarist, songwriter and composer Joe Satriani is known as one of the best guitarists in the world. Satriani has released 18 studio albums along his extraordinary career.

Satriani began as a guitar instructor teaching some very big names in the guitar world. Among them include Kirk Hammett, Steve Vai and Alex Skolnick.

Many probably are not aware that Satriani is also an accomplished artist. Satriani uses anything from the usual canvas, but also items such as guitars and guitar amplifiers to add his art to.

Joe Satriani made an appearance along with all his artwork on display at the beautiful Wentworth Gallery in King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania. Patrons filled the gallery trying to get a glimpse of Satriani and his art work.

Joe Satriani artwork

Be sure to go to to get info on all Satriani’s appearances.

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