The Stereotytans Announce “Here We Are” in New Song and Video

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Philly-based comic book-inspired hard rock band The Stereotytans just released their latest single, “Here We Are,” an inspirational, high-energy blend of anthemic rock and hip-hop. While in the vein of Rage Against the Machine, Prophets of Rage and Living Colour, “Here We Are” is unmistakably The Stereotytans’ unique DNA. 

“We needed a song that showed the unification of the DemyGods. Not everyone reaches that status, which makes that transformation so special. Now together they join the Stereotytans and the growing DemyGod Army to destroy the Imprisoner and Captor Zeus!” explains lead singer Damon, aka St. Prometheus. “We always have to make sure we’re telling the story that’s related to our comic books and keep the listeners enthralled with the ‘What’s Next’ adventure.” 

While Damon sings lead on the song, all of the band members contributed their voice, from the bellows of Kronos all the way to the fun energetic screams of Athena.

The song was recorded at Studio 4 Recording in Conshohocken, home of the former legendary studio Ruffhouse Records, and produced by Billboard-charting producer and engineer Ron DiSilvestro, who is also the founder of RDS Music and Media. 

“Surprisingly, this song was written right before the 2020 shutdown and numerous protests that we all witnessed during the pandemic,” says Damon. “It was really interesting and serendipitous how the energy of the world pushed the recording process even though the song itself was already written many months before.” The band was even able to sample the late, great Civil Rights activist and Congressman John Lewis into the track.

“Here We Are” is high-energy and bound to get the listener filled with adrenaline, but this song, like previous Stereotytan singles, features multiple levels. It speaks to the comic book storyline and to those that feel lost and need to hear that voice rallying them to take action. Most importantly, they need that voice to lead them to their group that they probably did not know they had. 

The Stereotytans want their beloved Nerd and Blerd communities to know that there is a safe place with a supportive village waiting for you, as you are in return “anxiously, patiently waiting for it.”

Find “Here We Are” on Spotify here.

Watch the “Here We Are” official music video on Youtube here.

Watch the “Here We Are” lyric music video on Youtube here.

“Here We Are” follows the release of previous singles “Stranger Machine” (2022), “Chaos Is My Name” (2021), and “Breathe 4 You” (2020).

On Saturday, May 13th, The Stereotytans will be performing at PuchiCon at Bally’s Resort in Atlantic City. Tickets and more info available here.


The Philadelphia-based, comic book inspired, hard rock band, is taking Olympus and Earth by storm. These aren’t your ordinary rockers, however. The Tytans describe their sound as “if Living Color, Fishbone and Radiohead had a threeway while Public Enemy watched and then birthed sweet, sweet musical babies with hints of soul, funk and metal mixed in for good measure.” Fans who experience the crew’s elemental superpowers will be transformed through a truly unique musical experience.

The Stereotytans are:

St. Prometheus  /  Damon  / singer

Okeanus “Okie” /  Marc  /  drummer

Kronos  / Chris  /  bassist

Hyperion “Hyper-Gab” /  Gabriele  /  guitarist 

Hades  / Ken  / DJ

The Oracle  / Sam  / actor

Athena  / Tiffany /  actor

The Praetorian  / Jarred  / actor


Facebook, Instagram, TikTok + Twitter: @stereotytans 


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