Kiss Ignites Atlantic City 8/21/2021

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“You wanted the best, you got the best. The hottest band in the world KISS!” Millions have heard these words moments before the curtain falls and the legendary rock band Kiss takes the stage. It never gets old hearing it and tonight was no exception.

After being postponed multiple times due to Covid, the night finally came for Kiss to perform at the beautiful Hard Rock in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Thousands of fans filled the arena full of anticipation of Kiss taking the stage. As the lights went low, the crowd roared anxiously awaiting the show to start.

Without any more waiting the famous words came across the speakers…

You wanted the best, you got the best. The hottest band in the world, KISS!”

There was so much energy tonight as thousands of die hard Kiss fans of all ages enjoyed one magical performance and one night they will never forget. You could see the joy in every face that they were so happy to be seeing live music again.


1. Shout It Out Loud

2. Deuce

3. War Machine

4. Heaven’s On Fire

5. I Love It Loud

6. Lick It Up

7. Calling Dr Love

8. Say Yeah

9. Tears are Falling

10. 100,000 Years

11. God Of Thunder

12. Love Gun (B Stage)

13. I was Made For Lovin You (B Stage)

14. Black Diamond


15. Beth

16. Do You Love Me

17. Rock And Roll All Nite

As many shows as I have seen over the years and the multiple times I have seen Kiss perform live tonight was definitely one of the best concerts ever. It’s bittersweet to be a part of one of their final shows.

Be sure to go to KISS Online :: The Final Tour Ever – Kiss End Of The Road World Tour for all tour dates and information.

Kiss Photo Gallery

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